Virtual Cloud Basic Order

Virtual Cloud Basic Order
Disk Drive Space: 3GB (3000MB)
Data Transfer: 1TB (1000GB)/mo
IP Addresses: 1 usable
Guaranteed RAM: 128MB / Burst 256MB
Virtual Cloud Server
Server Management
Included FREE
Our technical support, programming and software development departments will handle upgrades of all core operating system software such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, Sendmail etc at no extra charge as part of the service.
Add $50.00/mo
Includes up to 2 hours of server or operating system administration support. We recommend that you choose this option unless you are an experienced server admin.
Server Monitoring
Included FREE
Our server monitoring systems will monitor your server for connectivity and active services. Support technicians will proactively respond to resolve any issues as necessary.
Server Backups
Included FREE
Full daily backups and multi-level backup archiving of all Virtual Cloud Server data is included as part of the service at no additional charge.
IP Addresses
Add $2.00/mo
Add $4.00/mo
Add $6.00/mo
Add $8.00/mo
Add $10.00/mo
Additional IPs (justification required) available at $2.50 per IP per month.
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